How We Work…

How we work is to make your wedding dress shopping experience all about YOU!  Also to provide a consistent but customized experience throughout your entire enchanting journey.  Another important thing for us is to delight you and make it easy for you to say yes to your perfect wedding dress. Therefore, we start each experience with a warm and friendly greeting.

Because it is all about you, our consultants start by talking to you and finding out what you are interested in.  This is important and we listen intently so we do not miss a thing.  Also, if you have questions about what you might might fit your style and body type, our consultants are ready to help.

Furthermore, your job is to have FUN!  We encourage you to see yourself in the eyes of your fiance’ during your appointment.  Finally, your gown shopping should be a great memory for you and your guests and it’s our job to ensure that for you.

How we work

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