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And find out who we are!!!

Above all at The Bridal Gallery we are very personal and family oriented.  As a result, our staff takes pleasure in share something person and letting people know who we are.




First of all, sharing something personal is part of the experience we offer our customers to make those relationships.

Above all, I never pictured myself doing something so girly.  So when I read our who we are page, it made me glad I did.  Furthermore, I fell into bridal merely by chance when I interviewed for a retail sales job with then owner Suzanne. As a result, she immediately decided that “I was the one” but I wasn’t so sure. So after landing a different job back in my familiar world of banking, Suzanne convinced me to give it a try.  For that reason, three months was all she asked for.  Finally, within two weeks I knew I was destined for this business!

My kids were young when I decided to buy the store from her. It was terrifying but I knew I could do it. I remember the first morning that I walked into the store as the owner…the store smelled like lemon lavender and I had no idea how I’d ever make rent! Every Sunday afternoon we would come to the store directly after church where my son would work on his homework and my two young daughters and I painted every pink stripe in the store by hand.

The rest of the story…

Within a couple of years, I had added a full service alterations department, built from the ground up with help from my dad. A couple of years later, we took over the neighboring space and doubled our size, adding a prom and pageant department. My goal for The Bridal Gallery was to build the “Nordstrom” of bridal in my town.

Little by little, I’ve seen that dream come true. I’m forever learning as I go and I strive to offer a unique experience in our store…you can relax and HAVE FUN…we laugh a lot…we are silly and we are REAL. There will be at least one time that you think to yourself “I can’t believe she said that” and you laugh out loud. You will experience honesty when we share our opinion…My staff will tell you that if you ask my opinion, you will definitely get it, so prepare yourself! At the Bridal Gallery, we are family – when you visit, you are too.

I would like to personally invite you to come in and spend some time with us. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles! Trust us a little bit! We really have been doing this for awhile and we can help you look and feel amazing on your wedding day…After all, this is the most important dress you will ever wear – don’t just leave it to chance, leave it to us. You won’t be disappointed.



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I love the who we are section because it shows customers we are real and very approachable.

My favorite food: Steak and Lobster followed closely by Chicago Style Pizza!

How I like to spend a lazy Sunday Afternoon: A drive to the beach or laying on the couch watching a game or a good movie with Angie.

What I like about the job: Watching the stress leave a bride’s eyes as she finds everything that she needs with us. Answering their questions and making them feel taken care of is very rewarding to me.

My most memorable moment: Putting together a wedding from start to finish in just a couple of days to accommodate a family emergency. It was heartbreaking but such a special thing to be a part of.




When I veg on the sofa I watch: Private Practice.

What I do in my free time: Cooking and Baking (Do I really have time for a hobby when I have 3 kids??!)

What I love about my job: Building relationships with my brides!

My most memorable bride: It’s difficult to pick just one as I’ve been fortunate to work with so many people in over a decade of consulting. I think my most treasured moments happen when I am able to sell sisters over the years…It makes feel very honored that after working with one, they want to come back and work with me.



Bridal Consultant

Favorite foods: I like trying new recipes so there really isn’t a favorite food.

My down time: I really enjoy cooking and also lounging around with my cat, “Miso.”.

What I like about the job:  I love building relationships with my brides.  I get to make new friends everyday!!

Hannah Kangas

Hannah Kangas


What I do in my free time: Take care of my family, crafting and paintball.

Sports team: Go Ducks

Food: Summer salad

Favorite thing about working at the Bridal Gallery: The look on a bride’s face when they know they have found “The Dress” and being part of someone’s perfect experience.

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